Selling Real Estate in the 21st century

Let’s face it; internet leads have become the new office phone call.

The internet is here to stay and by now, we’ve all seen the same statistics from NAR and other independent researches.

  • 90% of today’s home buyers and sellers begin their search online.
  • 45% of all Internet leads are within six weeks or less of making their purchase.
  • 85% of all Internet leads are within 22 weeks of closing the sale.

Additionally, research has shown that internet leads tend to:

  • Be better educated
  • Have higher incomes
  • Have better credit
  • Buy more expensive homes
  • Have shorter search times
  • View fewer homes
  • Use Real Estate professionals
  • Stay loyal to their agents

These potential clients expect a rapid response and tend to work with the first person that contacts them and fulfills their request.

That’s why having a winning online lead generation strategy, starting with a steady stream of ready to act buyers and sellers, is essential to your success.

Do you have this strategy in place?

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